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There are several times in the hotel where housekeeping and F/B services overlap and in some cases lead to disagreements. Each hotel should be able to assign tasks in a way that each department knows what to do and when. In most cases, communication is the key but when everyone is overwhelmed with work, nobody is thinking of proper communication or taking responsibility. These overlaps have to be managed properly to provide a seamless service for your guests.


In most hotels, the housekeeping department is responsible for the deep cleaning of the restaurants and other food outlets. However, it is the responsibility of the food and beverage department to keep these outlets clean and tidy at all times. Therefore, the F/B team must have basic cleaning tools and chemicals like a sweeper, vacuum cleaner, dustpan, mop buckets, mop sticks, multipurpose or kitchen cleaner, dusters and cleaning clothes which must never be mixed up with napkins or other housekeeping clothes. The Housekeeping team can properly clean after the day’s shift is over or if there is a major problem that requires a professional housekeeper’s attention


The F/B team must clear and clean the tables in preparation for the housekeeping team to perform their duties. Any wobbly and chipped chairs or tables should be taken to maintenance. Housekeeping will just deep clean floors and any other task assigned by the manager which could involve high dusting or polishing in some cases. As mentioned earlier, each department must know what task is theirs and what isn’t.


Food and beverage trays should be taken out by the F/B team as they are to follow up with each delivery. However, if a housekeeper finds a food tray in the room, it is best to inform the F/B department to pick up or the housekeeper can take the used food tray out of the room to a designated place.


If the food looks like it is not completely consumed and it is an occupied room, it is advisable to inform the F/B to follow up and confirm


Minibars are managed by the F/B team but housekeepers can clean around the minibar without crossing the line as this will make your room cleaner


It is unhygienic to was room glasses and other crockery in the bathroom with shower gels or drying them with guest towel. Clarify with your manager to know the most practical, less time-consuming procedure for your operations. Glasses and crockery must be clean and clear with no cracks, smirks, stains or debris.



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