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The floor covering of any place says a lot about that place and can completely transform its ambiance. Choosing what floor to use in the different parts of the hotels could be challenging for hoteliers as many points have to be considered. Some of the points include the traffic expected in that area, cost of flooring, cost and ease of maintenance, class of the hotel and purpose of the area.


Floor maintenance is often overlooked in daily operations and over time leads to a deteriorated surface that would cost much more to restore or re-install. Knowing what floor type exists in your facility will guide you through the best way to maintain the floor and as a result save the hotel money.


Floor coverings could include carpets, rugs, ceramic tiles, wooden, natural stones or resilient floors. It is important to note that each floor type has its special way of cleaning so the way you clean your ceramic tiles will be different from the way you clean your wooden floor


Using the right tools, equipment and chemicals to clean and maintain your floors will make the whole procedure easy and cost effective for your hotel. However, there are some defects that may require the assistance of professionals to restore the floor. Proper training is important for all housekeepers as preventing damage or discoloration may just require a housekeeper responding immediately to a spill or tear.


Grouting is another issue with floors as poor grouting can make your beautiful tiles look horrible. Re-grouting should be considered when necessary. Other techniques in maintaining floors include sweeping, mopping, shampooing, grinding, polishing, sealing and buffing.


As in every other crisis, prevention is usually a better option. So empower your staff to act and react swiftly to floor issues. This can save the hotel lots of money and embarrassment.



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