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Bathrooms are one of the most sensitive areas in a guest room. It is a place where their bare skin can have direct physical contact with housekeeping services. The guest will have their clothes on in almost every other part of the hotel or room. In the bathroom most guests are barefoot, their toothbrushes are left there, they are undressed to use the toilet and to take a bath. Psychologically, the most sensitive parts of their bodies are exposed. This is why the bathrooms must be properly cleaned for the guest to feel comfortable in a sanitized environment.


These days we are encouraged to reduce the amount of water used during cleaning. However, if you do not know these eco-friendly practices then water is the best resource to ensure proper cleaning – don’t just waste it. Proper scrubbing and rinsing out of chemicals are also important when cleaning bathrooms. It is important to understand the type of chemical you use to clean so as to prevent unpleasant side effects on the surface you are cleaning or on your body or even the guest’s body.


Pay close attention to dark surfaces in the bathrooms as they could be harbour many germs as a result of negligence. They should be washed as though they are white tiles.  Look out for stains, cracks, rust, mould and other unwanted defects in the bathroom. Ensure the bathroom surfaces look, smell and feel clean and fresh for your guests.


Shower curtains should be washed regularly to ensure that it is clean – looks clean and smells clean. Ensure grouting challenges are taken care of  and all surfaces are wiped dry and polished where necessary.


Recycle towel if asked to but be honest enough to change the towels when dirty. Always ensure towels are placed nicely and conveniently for the guest


Arrange the bathroom amenities as instructed  and replace any one that have been consumed. Ensure that every need in the bathroom is present so the guest does not start looking for a shower gel while having a shower.


Toilet seats should be properly placed so the guest does not have to use his or her hands that either cover or uncover the toilet. Ensure all fittings are cleaned and placed appropriately


Replenish all amenities are required – towels, toiletries, bin bags, drinking glasses etc. Clean all door handles and doors.


Ensure shower glasses are free of cracks, stains and are not wobbly


If a toilet brush set is present in the bathroom, ensure they are washed and free of smell or stains.


Any open areas that should be seen by the guests should be covered e.g. the space under the bathtub.


Shower heads should be unclogged and properly polished and free of water marks


If it’s a departure room, look from the ceiling to the floor of the bathroom to ensure there are no guests belongings left behind.


Look out for discolorations especially around the shower area and wash off to ensure shower walls look uniformly clean.


Have a final glance to be sure everything is in place and ready for your guest.


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